TA finishing at the Region 5 North (Perry, SC) Contest

Starting Up….!

This is my first blog post to the new ‘condor cross-country soaring’ site.

The genesis for the new site was ‘website envy’ brought on when Scott Manley showed me the website he is creating as the focal point for using Condor as a tool for accelerating primary glider instruction.

When I saw the site, I immediately wanted to be part of Scott’s effort, but he wasn’t particularly enthusiastic (probably a wise stance in retrospect).  Instead, he urged me to create a companion site focused on the use of Condor for cross-country soaring education, and so here I am ;-).

I have created websites in the past using HomeStead and Google Sites, and this worked very well for more or less static website layouts.  However, I wanted this one to be scalable, expandable, and easily maintained, and I quickly settled on WordPress as the platform of choice.

Of course, that meant I actually had to learn something about WordPress and all the other supporting technologies, but hey – its still winter, dontcha know ;-).  After investigating (and rejecting) the idea of hosting the site on my home Linux box, I decided to go with GoDaddy’s hosting, as I had purchased my domain name (condorxcsoaring) from them and they had a good package deal.  Then I started educating myself on WordPress via Google and a whole bunch of ‘WordPress for beginners’ tutorials.

I tried a bunch of WordPress templates, but finally wound up with the very simple WordPress ‘TwentyTwelve’ layout – it is very clean and (hopefully) easy to maintain. Now I’m busily trying to set up pages and add content, and this post is the first thing I have added.


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