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these are for the PDA explanation:

  1. Screen 2 – Bearing and Distance:  This screen is accessed by tapping the numeric ’2′ key at the top of the keyboard, and shows the bearing and distance to the active turnpoint.  This is the only screen that display the name of the next turnpoint. which is occasionally useful.
  2. Screen 3 is divided into two sections; the top section displays a cross-hairs reticule, and a red ball or ‘dot’, while the bottom section provides numeric information.
  3. Insert a pic of the upper screen: for ease of the reader?
  4. In the upper section, the left/right position of the dot with respect to the vertical centerline depicts the horizontal offset from the correct bearing to the next (active) turnpoint.
  5. In the lower section numeric readouts of the final glide situation are provided:

Insert the PDA screen here so the explanation and screen can be seen together

MC = Current McReady setting

DIST = Distance to the turnpoint under consideration, assuming all intervening turnpoints are rounded in order.

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