Condor Setup Screens

Here is my Condor setup.  I recommend this setup to all my students (and anyone else who will listen!)

Graphics Setup:


CondorSetup1 1 Condor Setup Screens

The Graphics setup screen

The Graphics setup screen shown here is for use with my current laptop  (a Dell Precision M6300 with the 17″ 1900 x 1200 display/adapter).

The ‘Graphics Options’ settings have a significant effect on frame rate (FPS).  Frame rates below about 30 are pretty much unusable for any length of time, so  you may want to adjust these down a bit if your frame rate isn’t what you want.   To see the current frame rate, press SHIFT-D while flying – the frame rate is then displayed in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

Sound Setup:

CondorSetup1 2 Condor Setup Screens

The Sound setup screen. Note ‘Vario off when negative’ is checked

There’s not much to do on this page, except make sure the ‘Vario off when negative’ checkbox is checked (the default setting is UNchecked). Otherwise, just as in a real glider, the damned vario will growl at you in sink!

Input Setup Screen:

CondorSetup1 3 Condor Setup Screens

Input setup screen. Note ‘Stick trim where available’ is UNchecked!

I left almost everything on this screen at the default settings, and this seems to work fine for me.  Both the Aileron and Elevator response curves are straight linear – only the rudder control has some non-linearity.  If you have rudder pedals, then of course the ‘Auto Rudder’ option should be disabled.  You do want to UNcheck the ‘Stick Trim Where Available’ option, as not doing so will result in no trim control for gliders that don’t have a stick-mounted trim release handle!

If you don’t have the wonderful Microsoft Sidewinder II Force-Feedback joystick, then you don’t need to check the ‘Force Feedback’ option (OTOH, you *should* have a MSFFB2 – it is far superior to any other joystick).  The ‘Mouse Look’ option should be checked, and ‘Left button for mouselook’ should be UNchecked.  Do this even if you have a TrackIR5 head-tracking system.  The ‘Assign Controls’ screens are covered separately below

 Control Assignments:

CondorSetup1 6 Condor Setup Screens

Control Assignments Screen 1

The first three items above (Bank, Pitch, Rudder) are all normally automatically assigned to the joystick and/or USB rudder pedals by Condor, and do not require any special attention.  However, I recommend changing the ‘slider’ assignment from ‘AirBrakes’ to ‘Trimmer’.  Airbrakes are almost never used in flight, so I use the slider for elevator trim. This way I have tactile feedback on the trim position, and I don’t have to worry about the airbrakes being opened if the slider control is  inadvertently moved.


CondorSetup1 7 Condor Setup Screens

Control Assignments Screen 2

The above image shows the only other control assignments I recommend.  The ‘View Reset’, ‘Zoom In’, and ‘Zoom Out’ controls should be assigned to easily reached buttons on the joystick, as they are all used frequently in flight.  For the MSFFB2 joystick, I assigned ‘Zoom In’ to the upper left button (labeled ’3′ on the joystick, but shows up in Condor as ‘Button 2′), ‘Zoom Out’ to the upper right button (labeled ’4′ on the joystick but shows up in Condor as ‘Button 3′), and ‘View Reset’ to the big center button (labeled ’2′ on the joystick, but shows up in Condor as ‘Button 1′).

The joystick recommended by Paul Remde of Cumulus Soaring and Scott Manley of ‘Simulation-based Glider Flight Education‘ fame is the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro. This joystick is OK, but nowhere near as good as a MSFFB2.  However, since many students have this joystick, here are my recommended control assignments.  For ‘Zoom In’ I recommend the lower left-hand button on the top of the joystick. For ‘Zoom Out’ I recommend the lower right-hand button on the top of the joystick.  For ‘View Reset’ I recommend the button on the side of the joystick at the top, right where the thumb rests for a right-handed pilot.


JoystickBtnAssignments Condor Setup Screens

Note the photocell holes – path must be blocked to engage motor




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