First Lesson Plan Finished – whee!

My intent for this entire website is to provide reasonably complete and effective lesson plans for XC training using Condor, for both students and instructors.  Interested and motivated students can use the lesson plans as a self-study guide if they can’t find an instructor, and instructors can use the lesson plans as, well, lesson plans! ;-).  I intend to lean heavily on the FAA lesson plan layout, as this is a familiar format for instructors, and is reasonably complete/explanatory in its own right.  It may look a little stilted to students unfamiliar with the format, but it is effective.   With the website setup here, the lesson plans can be augmented with additional material via imagery and links to other documents.

Put the ‘final’ touches on the first lesson plan (assuming it is ever really ‘final’!) this morning.  The lesson plan uses the FAA lesson plan format to the extent possible, augmented with hopefully appropriate links to other pages/material.

On to Session 2!

Frank (TA)

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