Eliminating the header images from the ‘Condor Cafe’ blog page

After getting the random image header working, I realized I might have too much of a good thing, in that the images tend to take a *lot* of space!  This is OK for the Welcome page, but not necessarily so for the ‘Condor Cafe’ blog page.

So, I started researching the issue (yay Google!) and found there were a number of posters with the same problem.  The answer turns out to be a small modification to the ‘style.css’ file, something I was a bit loath to do, but…

Anyway, I wound  up doing the following:

  • Created a ‘child’ template called ‘TwentyTwelve Child’ (the nomenclature suggested by the WordPress.Org article on the subject)
  • Create a new, blank ‘style.css’ file in the child file folder (did this using  the GoDaddy ‘File Manager’ applet).  This ‘style.css’ gets executed *instead of* the parent’s ‘style.css’
  • In the new ‘style.css’, place the line”@import url(“../twentytwelve/style.css”);”.  This causes the entire parent ‘style.css’ to be executed
  • Below the above line, place the line “.blog img.header-image {
    display: none;
    }”.  This disables the header-image for all pages with class = “blog”.  See http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/body_class for the details on this.

Now my ‘home’ page (class = home) and others (class = page) still show the header images, but the blog page does not.  This is a much better approach than using page-id numbers, as those could change over time.

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