CondorSoaringSimLogo WelcomeThe Condor Soaring Center is intended to be a ‘Center of Excellence’ for the use of the Condor Soaring Simulator for cross-country soaring education and instruction.

Potential students can arrange training sessions with expert cross-country instructors, and instructors can publicize their schedules and availability.

Students, Instructors and other interested pilots can post articles, documents, and other information, so others can benefit.

Condor is a far superior environment for XC instruction, for the following major reasons:

  • First and foremost, the use of Condor allows the instructor to be in one place, and the student in another.  Training can be done over the winter months, at times convenient to both the instructor and the student
  • Rather than the training being at the mercy of the weather, it can be set to be whatever is appropriate for the particular lesson.
  • Both the instructor and the student can fly identical gliders, so there are no performance mismatch issues (and in Condor, identical means IDENTICAL!)
  • By utilizing Scott Manley’s innovative Skype/WebCam technique, the instructor can demonstrate a technique to the student without having to set up an online server, and/or the student can demonstrate to the instructor.  In both cases, the action can be paused at any time to discuss a particular point, and then resumed.
  • Student misgivings about going out on a XC flight are completely eliminated, as there is no danger of glider damage or pilot injury.
  • Students can start training for XC before even having a glider

Although XC training in Condor can be done in a manner very similar to training in Real Life (RL), that does not take full advantage of Condor’s many unique features.  For instance, since the instructor can specify which glider is to be used for training from a large range, it makes sense to specify one that makes it easiest to teach basic pitch and bank angle control.  In particular, the Schempp-Hirth Discus 2 glider with it’s distinctive angular instrument panel glareshield, makes this concept much easier to get across, and consequently, accurate pitch and bank angle control can become a more central part of XC training.  See ‘Pitch and Bank Angle Control‘ for more detail on this.

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